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THE X-FILES RANKED: 203 – Ghost in the Machine (2 votes)

Charnette Soto continues the ultimate X-Files countdown of all 209 episodes, as voted by you, with Season 1 Episode 7, ‘Ghost in the Machine’…

Ghost in the Machine is, in short, one of the more forgettable episodes that the first season had to offer. At the rank of 203, it was not hard to see why.

When I sat down to rewatch the episode, it was at best,cringe-worthy. There were so many parts that had me thinking of CSI in terms of the things they asked the computers to do–namely, the impossible.

For those of you who do not remember (which would probably be most of you), the episode was about more or less, a killer computer that went rogue. It began killing people at the office building it was in charge of. Mulder and Scully were called in after Jerry Lamana, Mulder’s former partner, sought out his help in the case. The episode has Jerry trying to redeem his name in the FBI, and Mulder and Scully trying to stop this killer computer before they both end up killed. The plot twist? The government knew and wanted it all along.

The X-Files (1993) – 20th Century Fox Television

The episode, while not boring, seems to be a little heavy handed in the way it speaks about technology, specifically warning about the dangers of it, to an extreme that seems a little silly on its part, considering how even in the early 90s, the show was reliant on technology. It’s also a bit of a reminder how far we have come, since those days where AI was considered something that was a concept of science fiction.

All in all, it is not hard to see why this episode was given the rank it was, considering how unmemorable it was, and the fact that AI within computers was touched again later in the series, two other times.

Our blog team also decided to rank the show based on their own lists, so here’s what they picked in 203rd place:

Tony: “THE WALK – just really tedious across the board. Ian Tracey is among the most annoying guest stars the show gave us and while it’s an interesting premise, I just don’t care whenever I watch it. Languid.”

Andrew: “UNDERNEATH. Pretty forgettable episode dealing with John Doggett’s backstory and a cold case involving a split-personality killer. Production on this episode was rocky and almost didn’t air.”

Carl: “My 203 is also UNDERNEATH. Like Andrew says, it’s a forgettable one. Not much in it to enjoy, despite Robert Patrick giving his all, as ever.”

Paige: “My 203 is TREVOR. Eminently forgettable.”

Sarah: “ROADRUNNERS. The Jesus Slug doesn’t even have the benefit of being adorable like the stuffed cats, yet Doggett treats it with the vehemence he should have bestowed upon the Bat Creature in Patience. All around not scary episode with the added benefit of terrible directing. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Just awful.”

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THE X-FILES RANKED: 203 – Ghost in the Machine (2 votes)
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