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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Patience vs Christmas Carol / The Rain King vs Talitha Cumi

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

February 8th/9th

The X-Files (2000) – 20th Century Fox Television


Tony: “CHRISTMAS CAROL – for all the Scully antics, but it’s quite boring overall & Patience is a decent MOTW.”

Carl: “I don’t think Christmas Carol is boring, but I do prefer Patience. I think that’ll be a minority view with the fans though – CHRISTMAS CAROL to win here.”

Michael: “CHRISTMAS CAROL. It’s a bit more important than Patience and it’s Scully-centric. I think it’ll win.”

Paige: “Ugh, I have no Patience for Patience and I’m sure the vote will bear that out. CHRISTMAS CAROL for the win.”

Baz: “Some interesting options. I like PATIENCE, though the flying bat man (no relation) is a bit naff. CHRISTMAS CAROL is a great Scully-centric episode, even if Emily is rather forgotten. I think that will win.”


Tony: “THE RAIN KING – it’s a shippers paradise but I’ll be gutted to see TC go out, as it’s one of my favourite mythology stories.”

Michael: “TALITHA CUMI, I have hope that the X-Philes out there will recognize & support a good, important mythology story as opposed to a shipper one.”

Paige: “Here’s where we find out what our voters are made of. I’m not sure, I changed my mind twice already. I guess I expect TALITHA CUMI to win, but I’ll be pulling for The Rain King.”

Carl: “Guys, THE RAIN KING is going through. The shippers may win this battle, but the war will continue!”

Baz: “I’ve never seen the love for THE RAIN KING, maybe because I’m less of a shipper. TALITHA CUMI is a good episode, though not my favourite season finale. I think that will win, but who knows? I would have thought the season three mythology episode will win over the season six entry.”

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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Patience vs Christmas Carol / The Rain King vs Talitha Cumi
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