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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Orison vs Blood / Tunguska vs Daemonicus

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

February 16th/17th

The X-Files (1999) – 20th Century Fox Television


Tony: “BLOOD – by a whisker but Donnie Pfaster might pull a flanker here.”

Carl: “I’ve got a feeling the fans might go for ORISON here. Not certain it deserves the win, but I feel like Blood gets overlooked by a lot of people.”

Baz: “I think ORISON too. It’s surprisingly good considering most sequels to monster episode (Tooms aside), end up being a bit disappointing. BLOOD is okay but I can’t see it getting a huge amount of votes. Close to 50 / 5 with ORISON having the edge.”

Paige: “I feel Blood is the better ep, but Donnie Pfaster’s return in ORISON might just prevail.”

Sarah: “Donnie Pfaster is the scariest monster of the week. ORISON will go to the next round.”


Tony: “TUNGUSKA – much more memorable than any S9 fare, if not top drawer mythology.”

Carl: “Yes, TUNGUSKA is the better option here and will win, though Daemonicus does have Doggett being vomited on, which may appeal to some.”

Michael: “TUNGUSKA for sure.”

Baz: “TUNGUSKA is good, DAEMONICUS less so. TUNGUSKA also has Krycek and the black oil and comes during the height of the show’s popularity (season four). There are a few decent Doggett / Reyes cases in season nine but their first one together isn’t one of them. TUNGUSKA for an easy win.”

Paige: “TUNGUSKA in a breeze, unless the James Remar fans come out in support of Daemonicus.”

Sarah: “TUNGUSKA is one of the stronger mythology episodes. It’ll go on to round 2.”

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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Orison vs Blood / Tunguska vs Daemonicus
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