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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: The Goldberg Variation vs Redrum / Never Again vs Elegy vs Rush

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

The last fixture of Round 1 is, however, special. Tony didn’t do his maths right and it’s meant a three-way where the top two voted episodes will win the day and go through. We have a fun way to rebalance the numbers we’ll announce soon…

February 21st/22nd

The X-Files (1997) – 20th Century Fox Television


Tony: “NEVER AGAIN – definitely through, then perhaps RUSH for the M&S comedy.”

Sarah: “NEVER AGAIN for sure, and yeah, RUSH for a light episode. I think the fun ones tend to do better.”

Carl: “NEVER AGAIN will definitely go through. I think ELEGY might end up in 2nd place, because of the emotional stuff in there re: Scully’s cancer.”

Baz: “Agree with everyone, NEVER AGAIN will take the most votes. I think RUSH will do better, but then I saw how well CHRISTMAS CAROL and EMILY did, suggesting there’s a lot of love for the emotional Scully episodes. I think it will be close between RUSH and ELEGY for second.”

Paige: “I’m gonna go with NEVER AGAIN by far. Then Elegy might just take out Rush.”


Tony: “REDRUM – it’s a terrific episode of the show but I’m also gonna take a punt people may like this one more.”

Sarah: “GV is extremely underrated. I think it has a good chance at a win if people remember it.”

Carl: “I think these are both underrated. Genuine toss-up. GOLDBERG VARIATION.”

Baz: “THE GOLDBERG VARIATION is a good season seven entry. Some amusing, imaginative moments. But REDRUM is a stronger and more innovative entry. Assuming enough people have watched season 8, REDRUM should win.”

Paige: “Redrum is an amazing episode, but THE GOLDBERG VARIATION will probably see a lot of love. I’ll vote Redrum, but I think Goldberg will murder it.”

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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: The Goldberg Variation vs Redrum / Never Again vs Elegy vs Rush
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