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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Ice vs 4-D / Pusher vs Apocrypha

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

February 10th/11th

The X-Files (1993) – 20th Century Fox Television

ICE vs 4-D

Tony: “ICE, ice, baby.”

Carl: “ICE, of course. 4-D is one of the few Season 9 episodes that may have made round 2, had it been up against weaker opposition.”

Sarah: “I think if ICE doesn’t go through a lot of people will be so mad we’ll have to check them for worms.”

Michael: “ICE.”

Paige: “This is so sad, I love 4-D but it won’t even chip away at Ice. Rightfully so, but bummer to lose that one in first round.”

Baz: “ICE will win, a very strong classic. Which is a shame because, as Carl and Paige said, 4-D is one of the stronger season 9 episodes.”


Tony: “PUSHER – not by a landslide but it should succeed. I’m eternally biased so will always hope for Pusher!”

Carl: “I think PUSHER will win as well. I’m a bit more confident than you – I think it will be clearly ahead once the votes are counted.”

Paige: “Yep, I think Pusher will pull past Apocrypha as well. I’ve never heard anyone say, Pusher, YUCK!”

Sarah: “Only when they’re talking about CARBO BOOST!”

Michael: “Definitely PUSHER.”

Baz: “PUSHER will win though APOCRYPHA is a great follow up to the already ‘through to round 2’ season 3 mythology episode PIPER MARU.”

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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Ice vs 4-D / Pusher vs Apocrypha
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