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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Aubrey vs Essence / Sunshine Days vs Kitsunegari

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

February 20th/21st

The X-Files (1995) – 20th Century Fox Television


Tony: “ESSENCE – S8 mythology should see itself clear by a fair margin here, even though Aubrey is very underrated.”

Carl: “Well, Existence did well against a scary Vancouver-era episode, so ESSENCE probably will too. It’s not quite as surefooted as the S8 finale, though. I hope Aubrey puts up a strong showing.

Paige: “I’m hoping Aubrey comes through by some supernatural force, but yeah, I’m predicting Essence.”

Baz: “ESSENCE is another great season 8 mythology episode, with a very Terminator-vibe. It’s much stronger than AUBREY so I think it should win.”


Tony: “SUNSHINE DAYS – purely for Michael Emerson & the Brady Bunch connections perhaps, but neither will last long.”

Carl: “I am aware of fans who absolutely loathe Sunshine Days, I wonder if there are enough people who feel like that to give the Pusher sequel the victory? I doubt it – SUNSHINE DAYS.”

Sarah: “That surprises me coming from you, Tony. I thought you’d be into KITSUNEGARI.

Tony: “Oh, I really like Kitsunegari, yeah. I’m a man alone on that in many ways though.”

Baz: “SUNSHINE DAYS is one of the best season nine episodes and so much fun to watch. KITSUNEGARI is a disappointing (but not terrible) sequel to an all time classic. SUNSHINE DAYS will win, but not by a landslide because it is from season nine…”

Sarah: “I’m going with KITSUNEGARI for the win because I haven’t seen SUNSHINE DAYS.”

Michael: “Definitely SUNSHINE DAYS!!!”

Paige: “I’m guessing SUNSHINE DAYS will take it with some competition from Kitsunegari.”

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THE X-CAST TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Aubrey vs Essence / Sunshine Days vs Kitsunegari
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