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THE X-CAST ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Which X-Files character’s backstory would you like to know more about, and why?

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TONY: “For me, oddly enough I’d like to know the deal about Marita Covarrubias. At least with Deep Throat & X you had hints as to why they were helping Mulder, but I don’t remember us getting much understand as to why she takes over the ‘job’ of sorts. She’s very thinly sketched and there’s potentially an intriguing backstory waiting there.”

SARAH: “Skinner for all of the many, many, many reasons I’ve stated about a million other times but would be more than happy to gush–er, I mean, go over again.”

CARL: “I think Krycek’s backstory could make for good drama. We’re led to believe his parents were Cold War immigrants into the US, I can see that being the start of an interesting tale. How he came to be recruited into the Syndicate is something I’d like to know more about. What he was up to between appearances in the series was always quite mysterious, too. I’d love to see IDW release a Krycek-centred comic series. If I can’t have that, I’d like to see a romantic comedy about the courtship of Mr and Mrs Peacock.”

BAZ: “I think an episode that worked as a semi-sequel to Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man focusing on CSM, Deep Throat and Mr X shortly before the series began or perhaps interweaving around a season one episode would have been really interesting. Krycek could have appeared too. What it was really like working on secret government schemes and how to fight the conspiracy.”

PAIGE: “Definitely Krycek for me. Nice points by Carl. I’ll just glom onto those.”

CARL: “What about characters from the standalones? I think that Tooms’ first killing spree would be interesting to know more about.”

MICHAEL: “If Millennium didn’t exist as a tv series I’d say Frank Black… But Toons is a good one Carl! Actually I’d like to know more about Deep Throat & X in some respects, how they got involved with the Syndicate, etc.”

ANDREW: “The Well-Manicured Man always seemed a bit of a reluctant Syndicate member. His conscience, ultimately, led to his death in FTF. I think there could be a great story to him.”

PAIGE: “Stand-alone-wise, I figure John Lee Roche’s history would be both interesting and eminently watchable. I think Tom Noonan said, at one point, there was preliminary discussion about something like that.”

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THE X-CAST ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Which X-Files character’s backstory would you like to know more about, and why?
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