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THE X-CAST: February Round-Up – The X-Files NEWS

It’s been a fairly quiet month for X-Files news, but there have been a few items worth noting.

Interviews with Duchovny and Anderson

David Duchovny has been on the road recently, performing with his band. He’s been giving interviews, and of course, the subject of The X-Files has come up. Here’s what he had to say to Jim Sullivan from WBUR, when asked about the prospects for more episodes:

“At this point it looks good, but I don’t have anything specific to tell you. But we’re all kind of crouching.”

A nice quote, but it doesn’t really add much to what we know about the chances of getting Season 11. You can read the full interview here.

Gillian Anderson has been out and about too, discussing the upcoming film Viceroy’s House and ‘We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere’, a book she has co-written with Jennifer Nadel. Here’s an interesting video interview with Gillian, where she discusses whether she misses playing Scully.

Viceroy’s House isn’t in cinemas yet, but it received its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Here’s Peter Bradshaw’s reasonably positive review for The Guardian, in which he praises Anderson’s performance.

Comics News

IDW announced a series of one-off comics based on Funko’s Pop! figures. Intriguingly, one of the issues will be an X-Files story. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this. Is this a good idea? Will you be buying the comic? Feel free to leave us a comment. You can read more about this, and the other Funko comics that will be released, here.

Next month also brings another ‘Deviations’ story, following on from last year’s one-off which imagined a world where Fox Mulder, not Samantha, was abducted.

It will also see the beginning of ‘Skinner’, a new two-part story in The X-Files revival run from IDW by Joe Harris, all about Skinner’s experiences in Vietnam. Look out for reviews on both issues by Tony.

Podcast News

Tony released three new X-Cast episodes in February: an interview with Scott Bellis (AKA Max Fenig), and detailed looks at ‘Aubrey’ and Kami Garcia’s ‘Agent of Chaos’. If you want to catch up on any of these, click here.

That’s all from me for this month. Check back at the end of March for more news from the world of The X-Files. Until then, trust no one!

THE X-CAST: February Round-Up – The X-Files NEWS
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