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BOOK REVIEW – The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos

Matthew Sweeney is 9 years old and LOVES THE X-FILES. This is what he thought of the new book, ‘Agent of Chaos’…

This book is about Mulder when he was young. It was written by Kami Garcia. It is a very good book, read on and find out why I think so.

The plot is that a girl goes missing and boy does too but he dies. Mulder is determined to make sure that the girl does not die. So, with the help of his friends, Phoebe and Gimble, he goes searching for the girl. He also gets help from The Major, Gimble’s dad.

The Major is a little bit eccentric because he is convinced that aliens are real and makes sure that they can’t get anywhere near him and Gimble. He watches shows that are related to aliens, and he believes that they are real. You might be able to tell from his name, but he used to work for the army. In one part of the book, Mulder goes to collect Gimble and The Major makes him say the password to get in although he knew it was Mulder. That is how eccentric The Major is, although he does have good security.

Gimble does not believe anything his dad says and always complains about his work. He likes playing Dungeons and Dragons, and this skill helps him in parts of the story. It mainly helps him in one part when he, with Mulder and Phoebe, goes to a club where the people believe in magic and dark magic. But if he believes in magic then why doesn’t he believe in aliens and UFOs? The answer to that question is simple – he doesn’t want to believe.

Phoebe is smart and determined. She doesn’t like it when Mulder gets himself into trouble. She likes to get everything right and she likes to tell everything that happened word by word. The clues that suggest this are near the end when Phoebe tells the police everything that happened when Mulder was being locked away in a cellar. She also is Mulder’s kind of babysitter, but only when his dad left to do work. She helps Mulder when he is in trouble or when he needs help.

I bet you already know what Mulder is like.

My favourite character was The Major because it was funny when it said he was defending his house with a mop. I also like him because when he was going to do something like investigate murders he would focus on it, which is a skill I don’t have all the time.

My overall thoughts on the book are mainly good but a bit bad. The reason I had some bad thoughts was because it got a bit confusing. After all, they did put scientific words in it that I didn’t understand. I had good thoughts too because I love it when you read a book and it’s mysterious and it looks exciting. I also like murder books because it makes you engaged to find out who the murderer is or who is going to be murdered next.

My favourite parts are when Mulder gets locked in a cellar but is saved because a mysterious person gives the police an anonymous tip. Another one is when something happens in a cemetery that’s never happened before. I bet I will enjoy the next book which is Scully’s and I hope that there will be more books like this in the future.

I would give ‘Agent of Chaos’ 5 Files out of 5 because it was exactly what I hoped and more and I hoped it would be mysterious.

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BOOK REVIEW – The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos
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