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Sarah Blair continues ‘The Blair Watch Project’, in which she will watch S8 & S9 of The X-Files for the very first time…

Thank you to everyone who joined me on Twitter to watch the Season 8 premiere episode ‘Within.’ I had a total blast watching with you all!

The thing that struck me most about this episode was probably the score. It had haunting echoes of one of my favorite film scores of all-time: Gladiator. But Mark Snow totally made it his own, setting up the perfect tone for the season premiere. Scully went through a lot of really intense stuff in ‘Requiem,’ and we got to see her deal with the fallout in ‘Within.’ Gillian Anderson had a lot to accomplish, and I felt like she dealt with Scully’s shock over Mulder’s disappearance and her pregnancy with true grace.

John Doggett is a total b-hole and I don’t like him, but Robert Patrick is awesome and I respect him as an actor. Although, if he said, “Maybe you don’t know Mulder as well as you think you do,” one more time, I was going to throw my iced tea at the television. I did wonder if he moved the fish food himself. Something felt off about that. Scully should know where the fish food is. There’s something going on with Doggett. I get that he’s playing his cards close to his chest, so I’m curious to see what he’s really up to.

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I’m massively excited that Mitch Pileggi is getting more screen time in this season. Skinner is a highly underused character. It makes me happy to get a deeper glimpse into his unofficial channels, and to see him and Scully working together to bring Mulder back. Skinner’s the perfect blend of pragmatism and believer. Due to his near death experience in Vietnam and years spent on the X-Files, he’s open to a wide range of possible explanations for things, but he’s also smart enough to know how to play the bureaucratic game. He’s Mulder and Scully all in one, and it makes him the perfect person to guide them through everything… if only they’d actually listen to him once in awhile.

It was cool to see how they used the Bounty Hunter, and I’m interested to see how Gibson Praise fits into everything. It’s a great addition to the mythology, for sure.

I definitely liked this episode more than I thought I would. I’m giving it 8 out of 10 Sunflower Seeds.

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