About Us

BLACK HOLE MEDIA is a podcast network and blog site holding the collective audio projects and film/TV/music writing of A J. Black & friends.

Alongside presenting reviews and features of all things media, the network currently hosts the following shows:

Hosted by Tony, and supported by numerous guests, this podcast will chart the entire series of The X-Files across 200+ episodes. The truth is in here.

Hosted by Tony & film journalist Sean Wilson, this show is dedicated to film music and bringing you the sounds & songs of cinema.

Our previous shows include:

PICK A FLICK! – hosted by Tony & special guests, the premise is simple. You, the audience, pick a film, then we watch it and talk about it.

DEAD MEAT – hosted by Emma Platt, this show explores horror film theory across the entire bloody genre.

BLACK HOLE CINEMA – the original podcast series, hosted by Tony, Emma & Dan Taylor, featuring reviews of all the newest movies.

Please do get in touch via the Contact page on our website, or find us on Twitter or Facebook. We welcome all feedback.

If you have a podcast and would be interested in joining the network, please contact Tony @ blackholeprds@gmail.com

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